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Quality & Safety

Product Quality

It is our task and goal to supply you with products of the highest quality. As a company, we strive for this every day. From purchasing raw materials to choosing packaging, we ensure that every product has and retains the highest quality. With private label supplements you want to offer your customers supplements that meet the highest quality. To provide your private label supplements with this, we have certain standards that we observe every day.

All products are produced with the highest standards such as ISO22000 or GMP standards. 

Product Safety

All products are packed in high quality pet-packers and will be sealed from the inside. This will ensure us to remain the best quality of the product, and your cliënt will be sure to be the first person opening the product. Moisture sensitive products such as the private label pre-workout powders will be provided with small drying bags to prevent products and powders from lumping. The batches of each supplement are provided with a batch code that can support the traceability of your private label supplements in, for example, a recall process that you want to have performed.

For more information about the private label powders, tablets and capsules, please consult our catalog or contact us by mail or contactform.